So I Married a Sorcerer - Kerrelyn Sparks

As much as I liked the first one, this one bugged me.


The h - cloistered away most of her life, was not the least bit baffled or bothered by the H's referrals to his wanker. You'd think she'd either act horrified upon his speaking like that, or baffled as to what he was talking about.


The H - constantly making comments about his cock to a young woman he knows has spent her life in a convent. He WASN'T doing it for shock value.


That damned Chameleon made an attempt at another crown and...he got away. AGAIN. Really dislike recycled bad guys. Kill him off and move on.


The competition and the utter lack of repercussions. Really? Your top 3 men are competing, two of them plot to kill the third one, and one of those later is killed by a dragon. Who exactly do you expect to lead your various armed forces?


The nun acting as the h's personal Dot Matrix and her infernal virgin alarm.


The h noticing a bird acting odd, thinking it wasn't really acting like Brody, and not having the good sense to not say anything just in case.


Brody - and the H for that matter - not warning the h there was another shifter around.