Bring the Heat - G.A. Aiken

The usual madness and mayhem. The h is Branwen the Destroyer - one of Bram and Ghleanna's kids. The H is Aiden the Devine and I actually don't know much about his relatives, beyond that he mostly avoids his family.


I assume this is a wrap-up of that war that's been going on for...seemingly forever. The eyeless god appears to be destroyed by several other gods, including the dragon god, so no more Zealots. What's next? Uh... I'm sure Annwyl will find something that needs destroying.


Amusing things - Kieta and Ragnar now have 14 kids(!). All the dragons seem to like pushing their kids/parents buttons (the Eastlander Empress seems to deliberately "forget" her other offsprings' names, Gwenvael isn't the only one with a penchant for hugging male relatives who are uncomfortable with such affection.)