Daddy By Choice (Maternity Row) - Paula Detmer Riggs

First off, if sex during pregnancy isn't your bag, you don't wanna read this one as the h is around 6 months along at the beginning. Second off, being a parent myself, I was variously skeptical and/or incredulous about some of the lengths gone to in order to arrange the H and the h's interaction.


A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away<sarcasm>, our h found herself exceedingly attracted to a young bronc buster who rented a hotel room and made sure the sheets were clean (what a guy...). They used protection but it had a leak apparently. They promised to write, then he stopped. He showed up on the doorstep 2 weeks after her parents and the Dr had pressed her to give the baby up for adoption. She more or less told him to go to hell.


We find out as the story goes along, 5 or 6 years later he went back, armed with a bs and a ring, only to discover he'd put it off a day too late because he almost blundered into her wedding reception.




The h had difficulties with her first, which lead to her being subfertile. The guy she married did not want kids. She got preggers at around the age of 39, upon which he told her it was either him or the baby. Since she's still preggers, obviously she preferred the baby. The Dr tells her she's high risk and recommends the H as the best in the country (incredulous moment no. 1 - only one OB in the country? Seriously?!)


So she goes, and over the course of the book, she gets under his skin (among other things), has to deal with the douchebag ex (who unsatisfyingly enough, is never really dealt with), has the long lost daughter show up, and confusingly enough for me, doesn't really give her the real answer as to why she adopted her out (really, why would you make excuses instead of just saying your parents made you?). Shortly after the daughter showed up, she called the H and told him. He came over and while she was talking, she had a sudden bad complication which resulted in a race to the hospital and him having to do an emergency section. I'd look it up but my recollection is that even if you're in the hospital when it happens, that one doesn't always lead to a good outcome. She's at 8 months and the baby isn't even 5 pounds


Now granted, I always had rather hefty kids but that's close enough to almost not be a premmie so the weight seems a bit...low. No info given how long he was in the neonatal unit either. The impression I was given was they went home at the same time so maybe a couple of days if that?


To be honest, I was mostly ok with the H/h. Mostly. It's just that the surroundings got in the way.