Cajun Crazy: A Cajun Novel - Sandra Hill

I had issues with most everyone in this one.


The heroine for her lack of self control/respect with regards to members of the opposite sex from her home state, for her attitude about her mom


The heroine's mom for acting like a dingbat at times (since she was middle aged, her daughter's judgmental assessments of her clothing style was a source of irritation)


The hero, for his attitude towards the heroine, and collectively with his dad, for setting such a poor example for a 5 year old girl.


Said 5 year old for being a demanding little brat wrapped in a bubbly package


Low-lights - the H bursting in on the h and an employee's sting...and being indignant that she was upset about his interference. The H making comments about her love life (he had all the makings of a player, not one to talk)


Highlights? The trial.


It just seems like conversations get skipped in this series in lieu of manipulation. And when the conversations actually are allowed to happen, they always reach an impasse where the only way the couple can be together is with Tante Lulu's manipulations. Just seems like they never really get to figure things out for themselves, and that bugs me. This one kinda underscores that. I don't think the H will be ok with her doing undercover work. I think sooner or later, he'll blow her cover in a misguided attempt to rescue her, and get someone hurt. And all of Tante Lulu's shenanigans are not going to fix that.