Protection Detail (The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue) - Julie Miller

How does it fit in with the series? Well, depends on which series. The miniseries, ok. We get the last chapter of book something or other (I think the daughter's book was the last of the previous miniseries but I'm not certain) rewritten from the star of the current book's POV in each of this miniseries. So you have somewhat of a starting point...I guess... And each story adds to the point of this book. So...this is the culmination of those books. The end of the story arch. The overall series? Honestly, after 31 books, I'd have to reread them all to say. I can tell you this much. This long running series has had more than its fair share of best frenemies with a grudge trying to kill people who trusted them. Also had quite a few serial something or others. Really, the brief interlude with the British mafia (there is such a thing?) was a welcome respite from the SOS that seems to be the theme.

Enough of that for now.


Our H, having noticed the h who has been working as his dad's nurse following the incident that is retold at the beginning of every book, also notices she's distracted and a bit worried. He resolves to find out why. And well, he's hard to resist.


Our h, the only survivor of a serial cop killer (she just happened to barge in on his desecrating her husband's body), is in witless protection. The serial killer has resurfaced and is on the move. Around the same time, the person who was behind her patient being her patient starts making moves to harass the H.


The local handler with witless protection wasn't totally witless - he wanted to move her immediately when trouble arose. Unfortunately, he was outranked by a couple of suits who wanted to...fight I guess...for the honor of catching the cop killer.


The two creeps intersect, and start working together...sortof.


They make their move the night of an AF reunion. They weren't too bright really. The serial killer grabbed and managed to relieve the H/h of the trackers, but the h got his tazer and they were able to overpower him. The stalker of sorts reveals himself, a fight ensues leading to his death, and a few minutes later, help arrives BECAUSE...genius might have removed the trackers but it apparently never occurred to him that a cell phone can be tracked.


As one might have guessed by the frenemy comment in the first paragraph, the person who'd paid a hitman to disrupt the H's daughter's wedding was the H's former partner who apparently was obsessed with the H's late wife and blamed him for her death...20 years prior. How many times has a serial killer or frenemy been right under their noses? I think every miniseries in there has featured that as the story arch. Well, except for the ones with the mob. You knew who the bad guys were; it was just a case of staying one step ahead while trying to figure out how to take them out. Why do I put up with this? Well, other than only one in 3-5 books actually having much to do with the story arch. Maybe? I dunno. Must ponder that...while I read what may or may not be book #32.