The Cajun Doctor: A Cajun Novel (Cajun Books) - Sandra Hill

Actually one of the better of the series, which I freely admit is not a favorite.


Highlights - Tante Lulu's interference is minimized. Oh, it's there, but it's overshadowed by a bunch of other crap that force our prospective lovebirds to change their perspective.


Lowlights. Uh...there was a lot of crap that was just kinda rushed through all at once to set the stage for the H/h to actually decide they wanted to get together for real. The h's ex is taken care of permanently, the mob after her stepbrother gets taken down the same day, so there's no reason for her to stay at his place. Which means that she leaves unexpectedly and he has to come to grips with the realization that he wants her there permanently...and vice versa. Now, granted, I like that they got together on their own terms (none of that ridiculous public humiliation routine that usually characterizes books in this series), I just wish all the problems forcing them to cohabit hadn't been deux ex machina'd. I mean; I do read romantic suspense so a plot that somewhat reads like a comedy version of that genre should at least make an attempt to have a little drama beyond the whole "I need to hide" bit and the taking out of the ex (which was quite dramatic, to be sure).


There was also the lack of a real discussion about his not wanting to get involved, which was why she gave him the brush-off just prior to that dramatic bit. She never pointed out that he was the one who wanted a one night stand, you see. OTOH, I suppose their pseudo-discussion while she was in the harem costume (which was Tante Lulu's BTW) about him not doing one night stands was a bit of air clearing.