Windstorm - Connie  Bennett

It wrangled a 3 out of me. I don't know how, seeing as how I had to force myself to read it.


It's useful to actually like the characters, you know.


Ok - issue the first: heroine. hot shot daredevil documentary director. She charges off into danger without a thought because fear is a 4 letter word. Of course, she does have a fear...that she's suppressed. See, when she was 15, a tornado roared through her town, killed 20-some people including her parents and older sister. Add to that, her impulsive nature making her a less than perfect daughter... She's terrified of tornados and feels unlovable because she never measured up to her parents' ideal. She recognizes that she's afraid after she rejects the H's proposal to film stormchasers in a most obnoxious way. She apologizes, takes the job, freezes when they run into one within a few days, and after a fight with the H...and his best friend...manages to be professional and to work through her issues.


Issue the second: H. Stormchaser. some 10 years prior, his best friend and fellow stormchaser got caught in a chase and died, leaving the third wheel and her son. He's convinced that it's not fair to want a woman to put up with him (well, can't argue with that), feels that maybe he was too big of an influence in his godson's life - somebody wants to be a stormchaser (can't argue with that either), and resents the h's ability to be professional after their fight (which was senseless in any case. It felt like he took his upset with the third wheel out on the h). He's also one of those weird not-alphas who resent the idea that the h might be involved with someone else but at the same time, he's marginalizing her so when she leaves (which he can't wait 'til she does), it won't bother him...but he's internally bemoaning this. He's an arse in other words.


Issue the third: third wheel. She's the widow of his best friend. She's never moved on, is trying to keep her son from being a storm chaser, and hanging onto the H by his sleeve for support or something.


At some point, I felt badly for the h. I never warmed up to the H. I felt like he made his own hell, that he was a self-absorbed turd, that his intrusion into the third wheel's life didn't help her or her son, and that perhaps if he hadn't taken such a prominent position, maybe she would have left the area. Maybe too, without his influence, the kid might have chosen another interest.