Aw HELL no

Sweet Wind, Wild Wind - Elizabeth Lowell

I consulted with myself and we decided that there was no way we could finish this without wanting to put a hole in something (preferably a .45 sized hole). I mean; it's bad enough with the initial vibes of teenage-YA heroine throwing herself at older neighbor and being rejected but then you read further and figure out that he set out purposefully to seduce and, when she caved, reject her to humiliate her, all because his adoptive father - her natural father (but her parents never married) didn't love him enough to suit him. And that daddy dearest, on his deathbed apparently revealed that as a condition of the H inheriting the ranch, he had to make an heir with the h... Ok, no. No, no, a thousand times no.


I read the end - I know that she finds out *after* she slept with him (why she slept with him is beyond me) and left but it didn't stick so... TSTL heroine too apparently.