The Nights Before Christmas (Heat #6) - Vicki Lewis Thompson

Hero was a little too beta for me I think. There's something to be said for a guy who stakes his claim as opposed to one who, at the first hint of competition, tucks his tail and runs.

So our h, ego crushed by a self-absorbed arsehole, gets dragged to the gym by a friend who also lives at the apartment complex (this was something I was puzzled by - the apartments all seemed to be occupied by single professional women, so how did it work that the arsehole lived with her?). The friend suggests she needs a rebound guy and suggests the apartment handyman, who has apparently been providing a much needed ego boost for various women there.


The handyman - our H - plays amateur psychologist. He is unaware of how much they've blown his reputation out of proportion. He has a crush on the h but figures she wouldn't want a real relationship with a janitor. So...when she develops a leak (err...the plumbing in the apartment; not her personally), he assumes she wants to cry on his shoulders like all the other women.


Of course, she wants more (because she's under the impression he provides more) so works up her courage to stalk him to his apartment. Their connection undetermined length of time - maybe a week? She more or less spends the night with him, goes back to her apartment, and finds the arsehole there (because she never demanded her key back. She should have had the locks changed instead, anyway). H goes up there to check on her, and finds him, misreads the situation, does not bother to ask further, and practices avoidance for the next week? Two weeks? Oh come on; he lives in the basement. He's the handyman. What was he doing; cowering under his bed?


Eventually, she does manage to contact him, and he does come to her apartment, but he doesn't want to listen - he's decided she's gotten back with the arsehole, or at the very least, she's gotten over the arsehole. Somehow, she gets through to him and the epilogue has her informing him he's going to be a father.