Fantasy - Lori Foster

I guess prostitution and human trafficking are A-ok as long as it's men, they volunteer, and it's for charity.


Reminds me of something a friend came up with to mess with Nigerian scammers - Sophonda Cox and her prostitutes for Jesus.


Reading a bit more into it, and my next impression was "why do you hate your little sister so much?" So ok, the h's slightly older sister has this charity event where she's auctioning off 5 day getaways to Gatlinburg along with a handsome stud. She's apparently decided to go one further and pimp out her little sister - luggage already packed without h's knowledge, flight arranged ASAP, honeymoon suite set aside - and buys the last man of the event for her. It seems spur of the moment at the time, but then not really when the limo whisks them off to the airport.


Now, why would I think she hates the little sister? Oh I dunno - little sister hasn't dated ever (you find out why later), little sister has phobia about flying, little sister is not willing to do this.


H is typical Foster knuckledragger - mentally stakes his claim without bothering to find out if h even likes men (would have found it amusing if h had actually preferred women but that's not gonna happen). He gets pissy because she's hesitant - decides she's playing a game even though earlier she'd bolted into the street because a couple of guys were hitting on her. Of course, night 2, she has a nightmare, and reveals why she hasn't dated. Her parents took her and sister on a cruise. She got tired and went back to cabin, didn't get door shut, 3 men gang-raped her. Of course, since our H bears the MWOP, it cures everything so she's going at it with him sometime later - him tied up naturally. And within a day or three, apparently she's just fine with him being on top, etc. Only has one more nightmare. All better now I guess.


And then they catch a flight home and he's pissy because she's distant, not that he's given her any sign he wants to pursue her after they get back. Then he goes off on a job for a week or was it two, and she's given up on him, figuring he was just giving her what her sister payed for (well, that wasn't quite what she was thinking but that was likely because it never occurred to her to think of him as being a gigolo). He hunts her down, yells at her (and with her past, she doesn't wig out on him?), and they come to an accord. HEA. Gag.


I didn't realize this book existed when I read the Visitation series, and I'm grateful, as I do not think I would have been able to stomach reading Shay's book after this - Shay being the big sister of the h.