Night Moves - Julie Kenner

It's hard to get really involved in the ROMANCE when you're irritated, annoyed, and disgusted by the characters.


Heroine - you cheated. You know you did. You even realized it after the fact. You're also dumber than a box of hammers to have ever let your best buddy talk you into posing nude for him in the first place, let alone masturbating for him.


Hero - you are a first class jackass. You set out to seduce her and hopefully break her and her boyfriend up because YOU didn't want to be a third wheel.


Authors in general - stop making the poor cuckolded bastard to be dull, boring, and apparently oblivious to the h's neighbor, best heterosexual friend, etc. Just once I'd like to see the ass the h cheated with come away with a black eye and a few broken ribs.


Also, the idea of studying erotica as a college course seems sketchy at best.