Wildfire -  Ilona Andrews

One reviewer said this one was more chaotic than the previous one. I think it's a case of it being potentially the end of the series, having way too many loose ends to tie up, and needing to sacrifice something to keep the page count reasonable.


Unlike previous books, there were thing happen that we only heard about rather than experienced. Since I have a feeling those things probably would have been a chapter or three long each had they been fleshed out...


The other thing - the info dumps, while small at least, seem kinda pointless in a book released what - 3 months after the previous installation? Something. Close enough that I was able to read them back to back without the previous one sitting around very long. Granted, I'm not fond of info dumps in the first place and kinda wish authors would just stick that in a brief info guide at either end of the book. I don't recall running into them in the Kate Daniels series, so why this one? Well, other than there being a long time between book 1 and book 2 maybe, but this book didn't need any backstory.


After reading it, I'm inclined to agree with someone who suspects Linus. Kinda funny though that he wasn't implicated. And...I never realized the DA was uh...special.


Boy was that stupid for someone to interfere with the trials. If they'd succeeded, she likely wouldn't have been strong enough in the first place, and in failing, they couldn't hide.


Heh; poor Connor. He kept trying to do the honorable thing and give Nevada a way out for her newfound House's sake, even if it killed someone.