Ms. Match - Jo Leigh

This was a hard rating for me to decide because it's an easy read, and really, there's nothing majorly annoying about the H or the h. However, the underlying plot is skeevy.


Ok, the H is in fact, seeing the h's sister. She asks him when he calls her if he can get a date for her sister to take to their parents' anniversary. I might add that their relationship never progresses beyond her stringing him along but still... He agrees, figuring he'll score points with her, only the guy he gets to agree has to back out at the last minute so he does it himself.


The h, well, she's the family changeling. A brain who is merely attractive in a sea of beauty, and she has deep seated feelings of inadequacy when it comes to her looks, though she doesn't really acknowledge this.


They're both good dancers though, and the anniversary party is thoroughly is the gin and tonic. They share a room - and just sleep it off(!).


He sees her sister not long after this, and is once again left unfulfilled. He calls another girl for a booty call. Ok, at this point I was not liking him very much. However, he finds himself constantly thinking of the h so starts insinuating himself in her life. She figures it's a game so pushes him away, or tries anyway. Chemistry is her downfall I suppose.


Eventually, he has a busy week and can't see her, her sister - in the dark about all this - decides to drag him to her niece's birthday party - the h sees about the time he realizes he's screwed...and the sister is understandably angry.


Of course, she refuses contact with him, deciding he fit in better with her family than she did with his world. They do a mutual mopefest, sister demands to know what she told him about her (well, nothing other than sister likes to string them along until they give up, then she'll sleep with them).


They do eventually get back together - he approaches her friend for help, and her friend sets her up on a blind date with him. She shows up on his doorstep to talk things out with him and he tells her he's the blind date. We never really see an epilogue so no idea how well she worked things out with her family. She said she was trying to bridge the gap, but the sister affected by all this was still at odds with her.