Out Of The Dark (Silhouette Intimate Moments) - Justine Davis

That wasn't painful at all (said with much sarcasm).


Basic plot - h and her uncle run a horse training facility. 3 horses have died. They're suspicious so the uncle sends her to his old buddy - the H - who he knows works for a security firm, for aid.


The H - it's like Ted Striker is a romance hero. Oh, he doesn't *talk* about it, but he's constantly in his head about *3* whole incidents where things went south. And you know, two of those were directly related to someone else charging off without listening to the voice of reason. But. You know. It's all his fault. Because. You know. He's jinxed. And he's just sure either the h or his old buddy is next. Well, yeah. If you keep moping around instead of say, duct taping one or both to chairs and let you - the former Ranger (I assume - army, special forces) - do your job.


The h - high energy - she's always jumping to conclusions and charging off blindly. Her dad is Mr Suave, and a user. So she's sworn off anyone who she finds attractive and who fits the description (read, I'd never go out with anyone who'd have me). So she doesn't figure she's his type and any passes he makes at her are because...why exactly? She's also so willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt that it never even occurs to her that one of her clients might be trying the same thing with her that her dad did to her mom. Oh, she notices his interest but she's not interested so disregards him completely. Since he's behind the mysterious equine deaths...this somewhat blind view of things means it never occurs to her to be the least bit suspicious about some guy who knows her dad having two horses in her barn, one who dies a mysterious death (and was insured for a million bucks).


Which brings something to mind - if you had in your barn a bunch of expensive horses, one of which was insured for a million bucks, why would you not have security of SOME sort? Cameras, a guard, SOMEthing.