A Lawless Man - Elizabeth Bevarly

I feel like I was had actually. The synopsis implied that the h kept running afoul of the H and driving him bats. Indeed, it started that way. Of course, this angle was quickly tossed in favor of them running into each other, him kissing her senseless, etc., which wasn't nearly as interesting, even with the added bit of him investigating her brother for fraud while chasing her. Eventually, he did make the arrest, her brother did call her to bail him out and reveal that she was sleeping with the cop who'd just arrested her. And of course, she did confront him and they did avoid each other 'til the trial (a whole two months, and it was more him avoiding her because she had little resolve it seems).


So... there was his pursuing a divorcee with two small children and who happened to be the sister of someone he was investigating. Not cool, particularly since he knew it was unethical.


There was her all but falling over with her legs in the air. She'd just had a discussion with her friend and business partner about said partner's relationship with HIS partner - he was pressuring her for sex and she was using her kid and the h's kids as a shield, because she didn't feel ready for it. Since her partner had been dating the guy for some time and still didn't feel ready, the h getting it on with some guy she'd met 2 weeks before seemed...irresponsible? Could you not at least get to know the guy better first?


Then there were the twins. Ok, why is it authors write kids as desperate for the attention of an adult of their own gender? Kids had a dad. Why weren't they unhappy about dear old dad remarrying? Why were they so eager for mommy to date the cop? They were 8.