Pregnesia - Carla Cassidy

Ah... we're entering the Hall of Shame.


We have...a v. pregnant h, a H who a) behaves out of character for his background and b) is so determined to get rid of the h that he practically gift-wraps her for the people after her. Oh, he does get suspicious after the fact, and organizes a rescue but still...


So the first page or so starts off auspiciously. The H is repossessing a car (that's a new profession), he's relieved that it was left unlocked (I tilted my head at this), and he starts it up with the spare key the used car dealer gave him to collect it (say what? I can think of all sorts of reasons this thought would alarm people). Of course, a hand falls on his shoulder and he yelps. Later, he gasps audibly.


He's a curmudgeon who suspects the h is scamming him and his sister, and even after he figures out she really does have amnesia, and after she was almost kidnapped when he took her to walmart, he's in a rush to get rid of her.


After he turned up on one of the church members' doorstep, conveniently a missing persons report is filed. Does he get suspicious of this? Naw. Neither does he check to see if the h's former BIL and SIL are connected to said church.


The h...well, she was trying too hard I felt to convince him he was a good guy and she really liked him. Made me think the knock on the head affected more than her memory there.


Oh - why he behaved out of character? He and his buddies are ex-SEALs. We see signs of this exactly once - when he rescued her.


Niggles - supposedly the h intended to leave her husband just before she a) found out she was knocked up and b) he was murdered. This was only mentioned once near the end so we never find out why and only vague suspicions that his brother might have had him killed. His intent was to take the kid and raise it to be a new cult leader.