Lovers In Hiding (Hide and Seek) - Susan Kearney

You know, I mostly liked this one, but a H who is as concerned with getting in the h's pants as he is with keeping her alive...yeah. It does not help that she'd, in telling him her life story, basically clued him in that she wasn't looking for a fling, and his history with relationships indicated he wasn't much better than her adoptive father.


Really dude, she told you no for a reason. Her mom divorced her dad after entirely too many holidays alone, and your wife divorced you for similar reasons - as you told her.


Of course, he finally succeeds, figures out afterward that he's in over his head as far as this relationship goes, and panics. In his mental freakout (and possibly, arrogance), he was careless and she was shot.


I kept hearing Jack Ryan's voice though - "I'm just an analyst!" The H was a code breaker; not a field agent.


My onliest gripe with the h was that she didn't hold out, and tell him why. I almost prefer the romantic suspenses where sex never happens. Seems to me that too many authors have the H thinking with the wrong head too much to be v. effective at his job.