Hidden Hearts - Susan Kearney

Words fail me. I keep slipping into rant mode, but I'll try.


My sheer annoyance is based on the last chapter or two when the H, pissy because the h *who has known him about 72 hours* still doesn't trust him fully.


Bless his heart.




I mean; her introduction to him was the blockage at her back door when she was trying to escape the bad guy who'd burst into her front door. He then tracks her down where she's hidden in a dumpster and threatens to help her shower, continues coming on so strong I felt she needed creep repellant - at least until he figured out that angle wasn't working.


She slept with him 36 hours later because - romance novel and why the hell not when you're being chased by rogue agents who have the ability to track you via satellite even as you hide in a high hide.


And then after he does his whole "I can't live with a woman who doesn't trust me" bit - yes, he said that, she does a whole hour or so of soul searching and decides she has to get over the last overly smarmy creep she was involved with or she'd never have a future with this one. And she tells him she trusts him at the end rather than you know, pointing out that she hardly knows him, they haven't even gone out on a date, and he reminds her a lot of her last boyfriend.