The Hidden Years - Susan Kearney

Another long separation, this one a friends to enemies to lovers. Only, the h didn't get the enemies memo.


Our H/h became friends when kids/teens/something. H read a lot more into it than h, or rather, H's intensity scared h into friendzoning him. He wasn't quite bright enough to pick up the signal though until she presented him with the news she was going to UCLA to further her education. Then he decided to get pissy about it, although not to her face.


She evidently did attempt contact when in college early on, but he never got back with her, so she gave up. She's a lawyer now, just as she'd told him many times while he was mentally planning out his family with her. I'd also add that her late mother had given up education for family, and it bothered her dad more than a little that she never got to go back and finish her degree, so he'd encouraged the h more than a little to get an education first. We're not told if the h ever said anything about that to the H but if they were fairly close friends and he knew of her intentions to get an education (even if he did ignore them), it stands to reason she did at some point.


Of course, something about his past is what brings them together, which is when she discovers she's his enemy now. Her dad has died, and she found a box of stuff pertaining to the H's past and his missing sisters. She took it to him, and he blew up in her face.

The bad news was, the reason he was never able to find his sisters was because his parents were CIA and were killed by a mole. And now she is on their radar. He arrives to apologize for his boorish behavior just in time to save her life.


Of course he blows hot and cold on her. He does it one too many times and she starts giving him the cold shoulder. Eventually after one too many brushes with death it occurs to genius that protecting his poor little feelings does little good if he or she gets their ass shot off, so he caves.


Lowlights - the h's constant mental dialog was downright irritating. The voices in my head is a figure of speech. Reading a h arguing with herself is something that should be left to comedy.