Dr. Mommy - Elizabeth Bevarly

A lot of readers I know dislike long separations. I'm mostly indifferent to the plot device but think authors often fail miserably on the execution of bringing them back together. One I read once, the H/h had been college students living together, he packed up and left while she was at school. A decade later, he's assigned to be her bodyguard of sorts and tells her not to bring all that up, so she didn't and they had a HEA. Granted, she shot him but... I thought the shooting bit was the best part.


Anyway. There were things about this that didn't make sense - the h's parents were doctors in the Peace Corps so she changed schools a lot. I would think she would have either spent a lot of time in boarding schools, or been to some interesting places. In any case, sometime around her 15th year, they settled into *a* area and apparently lived there, although they were equally apparently no longer in the picture, whether by death or aliens, the book does not say. The H made a concerted effort to befriend her, but she was always a bit standoffish. I was really puzzled that suddenly she was able to stay in a place for what sounds like 5 or 6 years.


So they dated through the remains of her high school edumacation, through her getting her BS, and just as she got a scholarship to Yale for med school, he proposed. She promptly broke up.


The book never states either one's age; just gives vague ideas that based on some really fuzzy math, they're in their 30s. I'm not sure. Anyway...


An abused kid dropped her baby off on the h's doorstep on New Year's. She called the cops, as you do. He's just getting off work, having worked a double shift, having not had a day off in 2 weeks (don't labor laws apply to cops?). Dispatch sends him to her house where they're snow bound for several days, or until the kid is picked up and they're able to reunite them. Somehow we're expected to believe that 2 days were all that was required to work out the issues...


H had expectations, and made them known when they were dating. He wanted to become a cop. He wanted to buy a house near his parents (yikes), and he wanted the h for a broodmare for his future 6 kids.


Heroine made it known repeatedly that she didn't want kids and that she wanted to become a Dr. Apparently he didn't listen (what the hell did he think she went to college for; learn how to clean skid marks out of his underwear?). So when he proposed, she realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that this WOULD NOT WORK and bailed.

Not the first one I've run into with a neanderthal who thought the little woman's only purpose in his life was to wait on him and pop out babies. Not the first one the "little woman" told him to go to hell either. At least this one did some soul searching when confronted with the reality that her job paid *a lot* better than his did. The other one, the dumb girl didn't have sense enough to go somewhere else and actually get her degree before getting near him again.


I still don't think enough time passed to really work out the issues, and mostly we're shown the baby being essentially used to make her like kids. What would have been amusing in a way would have been her telling him she'd gotten fixed so as to avoid worrying about that...ever.


Of course the epilogue showed them with 4 kids. At least he was a stay-at-home dad BUT...the h being late for work because of his need for attention didn't set well with me.