Pursued - Elizabeth  Jennings

I have read this twice but the other was the EC rewrite.


With that in mind... I had some issue with the first one - some of the things that got rewrote actually made the h seem brainless, and the elaborations on the H's business really didn't work.


They still don't work - at least in the vague way the author intended. He says they raise TBs, Arabians, and QH. Of course he says they breed them and train them, then after 3 years or so they send them back to their owners. Makes sense to me...not.


The h...we don't witness her arguing with the agent over her going into hiding, so we don't get that sense that she's a ditz, and she doesn't really do anything dumb. If anything, the dingbat award goes to the H and others for assuming everyone at that party was friendly, even though there were people there they didn't know. Wouldn't have been an issue if they hadn't panicked and went in to surround her, all armed up. They compounded the error by telling everyone why. Naturally there was a third hitperson who just happened to be among the crowd. Naturally after the H got his feelings hurt by something the h said after they found out the mobster with the hit on her was dead, the hitWOMAN who had been in the diner earlier, paid the h a visit.


Heh; maybe the rewrite was so the H wouldn't look so dumb.