Heart to Heart - Elizabeth  Jennings

I had difficulty with the h. Smart but dumb comes to mind. Also, I have a hard time believing that she got to the ripe old age of 30 without one bit of sexual curiosity, even allowing for that bad experience at the tender age of 15 which seems to be highly improbable any way, and she defended the guy (honey, even if you were legal age, you were still drunk), saying it was a misunderstanding.


Ok, backing up a bit. She was an afterthought so to speak, a token kid born to a couple of bookworms of some social standing (read, old money). Packed off to private and/or boarding schools, studious, and a child prodigy (of course). She started college at 15. She went to what amounts to a frat party, drank whatever someone passed her, the guy she was talking to invited her to his room... and 15 years later, she still has no concept of what an orgasm is.


That was half of it. Her missing meals - how do you expect to fit in if you don't associate with anyone like say, over a bland machine sammich at lunch? Her distracted driving (and apparently insisting on it because independence was more important than the risk of hitting someone), her tantrums at the H every time he tried to protect her from herself. She got off work early to look over a colleague's notes - in his motel room - and was there for 4 hours. Didn't tell the H she was going to be late, or anything. And got pissed off at him for assuming the worst. Uh...well, what did you think would happen? Are you really that stupid? Remembers the frat party. Oh. Right. Guess you haven't learned anything. Blew up on him after an abused patient's crazy ex confronted her outside her apartment (was puzzled at the lack of security there - how did the creep get to her door? She lived on the 9th floor). He was scared out of his mind, and she went off on him because he wanted her to have a bodyguard.


The H...well, other than his frets of wanting to possess her violently (read, he wanted to lose control like every LMR H we've read, but was reining himself in a *lot* to accommodate the twi...er...heroine)