What The Lady Wants - Jennifer Crusie

Ok well then. That was entertaining. I'm not sure what to think of a hero who is described as having a face like a catcher's mitt with a jaw though. The guy on the cover did not resemble that remark though.


So the h, trying to figure out what was up with her not-so-dearly departed uncle, hires the H...because he doesn't look too terribly intelligent. He's smart enough to play that angle up though and thus begins a madcap adventure with... a wannabe mob boss, his punk grandson who has a crush on his cousin - the h, the not-so-dearly departed's brother, his mistress... his bride of a few days makes an appearance to discover there's no monet. Unfortunately, we're denied her reaction at discovering the house and its contents have been sold too. That would have been amusing.


And at the end, he's managed to annoy enough people into leaving clues to allow him and her to connect the dots. He's also decided that monogamy is just fine, thanks. (there was an amusing discussion about that)