The Bride Said, "I Did?" - Cathy Gillen Thacker

(stony look) I'd like to know what world the author is in that an actor would wake up next to a woman, with no recollection of how he got there, and not immediately start with damage control like lawyering up and getting a restraining order in hand. And a marriage certificate on the nightstand beside him? Yeah; let's get that taken care of too.


Woman would be divorced and have a restraining order against her before she located her underwear.


But no, we're to believe our H went wandering around the village asking questions. We're equally to believe that 3 weeks later, he finally shows up on her doorstep demanding answers of his "wife".


Ah but this is a romance. Can't let reality intrude can we? Like that a woman who'd woke up like that wouldn't have gotten a pregnancy test and oh hey; let's get tested for STDs while we're at it, during those three weeks.


And that's just the setup. He steamrolled her. Inserted himself into her home, manipulated her into giving in, etc.


No, I didn't like him. Yes; I probably would have told him I didn't want the brat, if only to get rid of him.