Reckless - Julie Kenner

I got through part of it before realizing I'd read book one a few weeks ago. As I recall, it was *this* character that had me irritated in that book, so reading her story wasn't exactly something I gave much thought.


Once upon a time, there was a shy, impoverished nerd in a small Texas town. Three jocks were a bit mean to her for her senior prom...ok, one was. The other two just gave into peer pressure. She ran off, became a lawyer, and is the previous heroine's literary agent.


For reasons I do not know, possibly because I have yet to go to a class reunion and have no real reason to avoid it; just don't care, the heroine decides to trek back to bumblefart Texas, get the three jocks hot and bothered, and tell them they aren't worth her time. No; can't say that I do understand. Then again, I didn't go to my senior prom either. :shrug:


Of course, it comes a monsoon, she hits a dog, and gets picked up by what she thinks is one of the jerks, only it's his older half brother. So the rest of the book is her attempting to get revenge on three men, two of which have grown up, while getting assistance after a fashion from the H. Eventually she comes to her senses - about the time the one who hasn't grown up remembers her and decides to teach her a lesson about being a tease.


As an aside, the house/farm/ranch/whatever, Dalton or Duncan? And how is it still standing having been abandoned for 20 years? It's treated as if all it needs is a coat of paint. Right.