Santa Assignment - Delores Fossen

cover commentary:  What's with the alien arms and dorky expression?


A point off for keeping it in the family. Ewww.


Another point off for a tangled web of whodunit


So the heroine, her sister, and three boys - two of which were brothers - grew up together. heroine dates the third wheel amongst the boys. Sister marries a cop. Both girls are attorneys. The brothers beat up the third boy - the boyfriend of sorts. Heroine, for whatever reason, represents one of the brothers. Boyfriend is pissed off, brother represented is pissed off. Someone kills sister, brother-in-law takes upset out on heroine, someone starts stalking heroine (or was that already happening, unsure). Heroine disappears herself.


This is the setup.


Not quite 3 years later, former BIL sicces PI on h because his son - her nephew - is in dire straits and needs a donor. Sibling is the last hope.


Of course, they do try the clinical method, and it may have even worked in spite of the stalker's burning down the clinic. They also try the old fashioned method - as clinically as possible. Eventually, h is grabbed. Eventually, they have a less impersonal encounter, eventually, h is grabbed again...


Because two of the three boys from her childhood held grudges and were after her.