Immortal Unchained - Lynsay Sands

I dreaded this book. The prologue was in another book as a teaser, and skimming the end had them escaping. I had this uneasy feeling they were going to spend the entire book in cages being tormented or something.


Fortunately, I was wrong about that.


Unfortunately... in spite of the h being a cop and trained in martial arts, she only demonstrated this particular skill like, once. She had plenty of opportunity - walking into the lab and finding a man cut in half, with the mad scientist and his lovely assistant there. She could have taken both out right then. Instead, she assisted in the reassembly of the poor bastard and gave the lunatic the opportunity to drug her. And then there was the other island, where she, upon finding herself swathed in chiffon and thongs, the H downstairs, chained down, etc., failed to do things like oh, unchain him, toss the blood on his lap, run back upstairs and see how flammable all that useless excuse for clothing was. She had the right idea with grabbing the knives, but burning the house down, hiding in the jungle, and taking out goons might have been more productive.


The H...was thinking with his dick. At one point, she went after him to drag him outside to tell him about all the cameras, and he pounced. If he hadn't managed to tug at an injury and cause her pain... Her slapping the snot out of him was a high light. And it never occurred to him NOT to talk about his family around the cameras. He whispered about going outside to do some planning, but the thought that he might be putting people at risk never crossed his mind.


I miss the early books where the characters spent time doing stuff before getting busy (maybe why I rather liked the last one).


And finally, at least some of this happening is due to arrogance - nobody wears contacts around mortals, nobody reads minds to make sure people around them are safe. They read each other's mind with impunity but can't be bothered to keep an eye on the mortal world. Jackie and her father knew, but apparently Pablo didn't, and was also unethical in that he shared info from another client.