Falling for the Highlander - Lynsay Sands

I strongly dislike humor that makes characters look dumb. The H and his interactions with the three stooges accompanying him made me roll my eyes. The h and her mount of choice...right. The H's lack of control at the sight of a bit of skin was ridiculous.


When sex occurred just a few hours after she'd regained consciousness *4* days after getting shot with an arrow, all because he got sidetracked by a bit of boob when changing her bandage, I almost threw the book.


And nobody talked to each other. She saw someone twice on the trip, and didn't say anything. This after she'd gotten hit in the head. They only figured that out after the H almost took advantage of her drunken state, she sulked off back to camp, and he went hunting her and spotted the other person. And even though they were suspicious about the rash of dead people in her life, they still discounted that her getting shot had anything to do with anything. She found a scrap of strange plaid at the lodge, didn't tell anyone.


Nor did anyone at any time think someone should maybe stay with her. It was luck and her half-brother's stupidity that they even noticed her missing.