The Sheriff and the Imposter Bride - Elizabeth Bevarly

( was poring over my list and trying to figure out the discrepancies between here and goodreads.  One duplicate so far, and one that I managed to skip here it seems)

So who do I root for here - the h who comes across as somewhere between a total ditz and TSTL, or the H with what looks to be dodgy ethics?

And then there's the backstory which really is important but is mostly given in bits and pieces.

The h has an identical twin sister, you see. And this sister formed a relationship with the oldest son? of a prominent family, and got knocked up. Of course, the father to be got killed, and something caused her to decide someone was out to get her, so she ran. She called the h the day before the story began, asking her to come to this one-horse town. Then she bolted. The h showed up, got a panicky phone call from her, eventually telling her to go home. The H, meanwhile, has finally received a description of the missing person AKA the h's sister.

You know, if someone knocked on the door right after I'd received that phone call, I would not have answered the door. Cop or no cop (which the H is). But, the h answers, and proceeds to lie through her teeth, though not in any convincing way, and in such a manner as to make no sense whatsoever.

He requests she come to the station later. Instead of bolting, she does. Then he takes her car keys.

Eventually, he figures out she's not who she claims to be, storms in, and kicks the door down. (rental unit, btw).

Ok, this isn't a criminal here; it's a missing person. His constant demands for her to go in for questioning is...well, if she's missing in the first place, she must have a good reason. Why would a cop be confronting her like that? Especially if he thinks she's pregnant. And in any case, I don't think a missing persons report can be filed by just anyone, so what's the deal?