Nobody Does It Better - Julie Kenner

Occasionally I wonder if I'm missing out in not having one of those best friends who shares everything, but then I read about a h with one and decided that no; I'm good.


So our h, writer of a popular spy thriller series under a pseudonym that neither her publisher nor her editor know about, finds herself in a dilemma because the publisher wants the pseudonym to do a book tour or something. Enter our H.


Our H, son of a con artist, owns a bar that the h and her bestie/agent just happen to be in while discussing this issue. Our H just happens to have taken on a debt his dad incurred betting with someone he shouldn't have. Our H sees an opportunity for blackmail - not that he wants to since he's out of that game. He approaches the h at a party - as her pseudonym.


He can't bring himself to scam her though. Her publisher is impressed enough to extend the contract with perks and well, a signing tour. She approaches him to fill in.


Of course there's chemistry. Of course he wants a HEA. Of course the h's bestie decides to play matchmaker, doesn't try to protect the h's interests with regard to her being the actual writer, etc. Oh, and wants details. Can't forget that.


It's nice though, that the H isn't a gazillionaire or something. And kinda amusing that the h's fear of telling her dad that she was the actual writer turned out to be for nothing - he was ok with it.