Should've Been a Cowboy - Vicki Lewis Thompson

I didn't realize I had another from this series. I wonder if the first two are buried in my TBR bin.


The greatest issue with it seems to be the absolute lack of willpower on anyone's part. In this one, the H and the h are both saying they'll keep their hands to themselves, then 10 minutes later, he's cornered her in a barn and about to score - at least, until they figure out they have no protection and she decides it's an omen. Of course, her conviction lasts about as long as him telling her there's no mud room (at a working ranch? Riiiiight) so they go back into the barn and do everything but. An hour or so later, they're going at it in a truck, then 15 minutes or so later, on a rock.


All the while telling themselves - and each other - that this isn't serious because she's going back to work on Wednesday - she's up for a promotion with a cruise line.


Her sister gave her a speech which at least got her head out of her hormones.

She came up with an idea to stay in bumblefart nowhere and told him right after her sister gave birth. Since she'd spent all their time together reminding him she was leaving, he told her she was nuts and all but shoved her out the door.


Some cowboy she'd barely met told him off about the whole deal, which made me raise an eyebrow as said cowboy apparently had no issues with his boss treated women. He sends the h a text message, they meet before she goes off on a cruise, she tells him to give her 2 weeks to train a replacement. HEA.


Ok, it was done in by a lack of willpower, a cliche (the whole wholesome small town ideology bit), and a cowboy who in retrospect most likely was more resentful because he wanted to record some music with the h and couldn't do that if she was on a ship in the middle of the ocean.