Necessary Action - Julie Miller

Hmmm... so the remaining unattached Watson goes undercover. Yay?


Well, at least he wasn't in a position to make me question his intelligence.


Actually, my biggest issue was the bad guy himself - all these secrets and lies. How did he expect that to continue to work? Would have been far smarter to have indoctrinated the h while she was still a child. Oh, I'm sure there would have been problems but he wouldn't have been dealing with a niece who was doing her own investigating, because she found something and got suspicious. She still likely would have turned on him when she figured it out.


The h...had a dumb moment - she left her cell phone while snooping. The H apparently failed to notice and grab it. This little bit of carelessness led to the bad guys figuring out they had a spy in their midst. It's a sheer bit of good fortune that the task force was close enough to move in when they did, because the cover was pretty much shot.