Kansas City Countdown (The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue) - Julie Miller

First - cover guy. Nice. And in a suit too. Proof that they don't have to be half naked to look good.




I've read too many of the general type of book of late to really enjoy it. Not the book's fault really. Some things I did question - if they knew her keys had been stolen, why stay at her house? If they caught the gardener painting over bricks (which wasn't actually his job), one of which later proved to have blood on it, why didn't they become suspicious immediately? Why do these guys never enlist a bit more assistance with the guard duty?

This, btw, is as much a general commentary on romantic suspenses as a comment on this particular book. Seems like most of the heroes couldn't actually find their ass with both hands.


So the h got attacked and dumped in an alley. The h just happened to be a criminal defense attorney. The H found her. The H had just gotten his ego bruised in a courtroom earlier that day by her. Irony.


It seemed obvious to me who the attacker was when they got to her house. I just never quite grasped why they stayed there, why he wasn't investigated because his actions seemed strange. Why... well, you get the idea.