Good Vampires Go to Heaven: A Deadly Angels Book - Sandra Hill

I needed that.

Not sure whether to be sad a series is ending or glad it went out on a good note.

When last I read, Zeb had given himself to Jasper rather than turn one of the VIK over for torment. He's been imprisoned and tortured since then - a year.

In the meantime, Michael gave Vikar orders that no man should try to rescue him. Regina - one of a small number of female vangels - decides it offers a loophole - she's no man (musta read ROTK). She asks permission and when not granted it, goes off to find him anyway. She succeeds - with some help from a group of dissatisfied lucipires known as the Crazy Coven.

She's his lifemate of course.

Michael's reaction was to yell at Vikar for waiting so long. Now there's a full-on war. Since this is the last book in the series, obviously the good guys win.

And...after the VIK form of judgement day, he does some soul searching before hunting her down.

So... entertaining, steamy, lots of action, and navel-gazing kept to a minimum.