It's all Greek to me...

Private Parts - Tori Carrington

Did I miss something? Why were there all these Greek bazillionaires fighting over a dying little town in the first place? Oh I realize this is book 3. I also realize that the whole plot seems like a huge stretch.


From what I gathered... the H's family had owned the local lumber mill for a long time (century maybe?). They're Greek. They own an estate... and are trying to start something new with the closed mill. I get fuzzy here, because they're doing all this...stuff - big party, catering, etc - and bouncing checks with suppliers to the mill. Uh... right. Ok. In the meantime, the H's little brother apparently wooed away a would-be bride to some Greek gazillionaire while in Greece (what did they normally do - import their wives from the home country? Just...having a hard time grasping that both parents were apparently Greek (based on last names), as was the housekeeper, and yet they live in the middle of nowhere and have for a century).


The h - lawyer - essentially bought by said Greek gazillionaire, adds some things to the contract *after* it's been read, but before it was signed, thus screwing over the H. Does this because her dad's business is now owned by gazillionaire who tells her he'll close it if she doesn't.


There's a landslide in there, people insisting the H should kiss and make up with his best friend and ex girlfriend (who dumped him and married the bestie. Uh, no. No I don't think so).


And of course the H forgives the h because you know, you regularly forgive people who screw you over while uh...screwing you.