Baby Track - Barbara Boswell

Well...after you get past the whole stink eye that the first couple of chapters cause, not bad.


Ok. Our H is...I don't know what he is. He investigates things, then turns his notes over to a tabloid writer. Our h holds a position with a network that kinda sounds like all those dull documentary type networks - no clue what that position is though. They're after the same guy. So...the H goes to tell her to back off. This is where the book starts mind you - him barging in on her, getting up in her business, freaking her out, snacking on her lunch, etc. IOW, being an overbearing jackass. I got that. I even got her freaking out. What I didn't get is her secretary or whatever she was not calling the police.


Of course, the two rush into a fake marriage to pretend to adopt in order to get dirt on the guy. He doesn't bother to hide his identity (kinda dumb) and the guy rushes through the process of getting them a baby, like within a day. See... his real dad and the guy are friends, the guy is very much aware of who he is and...yeah.


There is a car accident that conveniently leaves him amnesiac so he and the h can fall for each other (not that the h had to fall very far, but he's a commitment-phobe), he regains his memory but doesn't tell her (waiting for her to say something actually), meets his dad, straightens things out. She bolts, he chases her down, they have a discussion and HEA.


The amnesia was used for a lot of purposes I think - he'd never actually met his dad, nor wanted to, but without the memory, was ok with it. The one he considered "dad" had told him when he was 13 that he wasn't his kid, and that they were paid to take him. Told him who his real dad was. Left out the part that his mom really was his mom though. Strangely enough, he didn't really seem to react to that.