Murdock's Family - Paula Detmer Riggs

More like 3.5 for reasons. Can I just ponder where they dug up that cover model? I know the H was older but nothing ever stated he looked like a shoe salesman.


I almost didn't read this book. The H/h were divorced many moons prior, and she'd remarried in the interim. Also, flipping to the end indicated he suffered from self-absorbed dumbass syndrome - the one where he makes decisions that hurt her because he doesn't want her to hurt when he's dead, and can't deal with the alternative.


I elected to read it though and well, it's not bad. Oh, there are things that had me screwing my face up - will explain later. But...the h did not fall over with her legs in the air, and the H didn't try to trip her to get her in that position. Get that - no magic pen was used. They got back together for the reason they'd been together in the first place, minus his pride and refusal to think about anyone but himself.


Things...the circumstances surrounding his reappearing in her life. She owns her family farm. A neighboring lumber magnate wants her to sell the trees and goes to some exceedingly illegal lengths to remove her. I sort of wonder why neither she, nor the H when he figures this out, doesn't call in for assistance (you'll understand why in a moment). And, I don't really understand why no-one in town was willing to stand up for her. I get the bullying aspects, but it seems to me that there should have been resistance somewhere. Some "that ain't right" sort of thing.


I would love to know the percentage of SEALs who could be mistaken for lumberjacks.
I would equally love to know how many SEALs are still doing field ops in their 40s.
And...equally WTH was his just casually strolling into the Pentagon(!) to get a buddy to look the h up.
Of course, there's why he's free now - his last mission went sideways and he has shrapnel in his skull. So lemme get this straight - he was kept alive long enough to get to a military hospital stateside (that one in and of itself had me raising an eyebrow) and they *left* the shrapnel in because removal would blind him, even though leaving it would likely kill him!?

So I'm to accept that a recently retired SEAL with a buddy in the Pentagon wouldn't have buddies he could call in to assist in this issue?