Claimed! - Vicki Lewis Thompson

Where to start? It actually quickly became an almost hate read.


Let's see... our "H", and I use that term loosely, broke it off with the "h" (who is no prize) rather abruptly 10 months previous, telling her it "was just sex". Now, he shows up on her doorstep, drunk, and tries to punch what turns out to be her brother for moving in on his girl. Uh... right.


There are brief glimpses into the backstory of the "H" - his dad appears to have been a controlling asshole who ran off his first wife (that's never addressed other than the "H" appears to blame her entirely), and who didn't like that the "H" had taken up with the "h", not because he had issue with her, but because she distracted the son from being his devoted slave. He'd apparently demanded that son haul a horse, son refused, and the cynic in me sort of wonders if he didn't deliberately wreck to make son feel bad, only miscalculated and got himself killed - 10 months before the book starts.


The h, in spite of all this, when meeting him to discuss a few riding lessons for a wedding in 2 weeks, is more than ready to jump him, and in fact, the first lesson gets a hand job from him...willingly.


She does break it off with him after a few pointed questions by her brother make her realize he's just...playing around. But sheesh.


There were so many issues, from the h's absolute lack of self respect, to the H's self-absorbtion. It's a small town, with one gas station and one stop light. Theoretically, everyone is related to everyone, and everyone knows who is sleeping with whom, so his behavior towards her, or well, any local woman is irresponsible. Her practically falling over with her legs in the air because he's so hot or whatever... A wedding on horseback being conjured out of thin air in 2 weeks, complete with formalish gowns... Finding dresses that would fit (which, btw, was never mentioned in the book) in such a rush job would be a trial, not to mention horses don't always take kindly to great heaps of fabric dumped on them.


The riding lessons in and of themselves made me wince - a trail ride the first time? And trotting? Cantering? The h dropping the reins (ack!) and hanging on by the saddle horn to enjoy the ride?!