Considering giving up

Born of Vengeance: The League: Nemesis Rising - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Romance readers will dislike that the first half of this book (which is relatively short considering its predecessor was 800+ pages of pissing and moaning) is a glorified prologue. They'll also dislike that there's a secret baby, that within a few hours of being reunited (after *8* years apart), the H/h are getting it on in an x-wing (or whatever the fighter du jour is in this particular universe.


I wanted to like this book. Really, I did, because it was refreshing to be inside the heads of people who weren't constantly thinking of how rotten their pasts were, etc. was very choppy, iike without all the navel gazing, she couldn't come up with anything to write. Or she didn't consider things important enough to actually finish the scene. Really, how else do you explain why our H/h and friends are shot down in enemy territory, and the next paragraph, they're storming the castle? No idea where the couple they'd rescued before being shot down were, no idea how they got out of that predicament. Apparently it was unimportant. I don't know about the rest of the readership, but I'd like to know. Really, if you have the balls to write an 800 page book of navel-gazing punctuated with the occasional sex or fight scene, why would you worry about making a 400ish page book too long by actually finishing a scene?


And there were other scenes where I reread them to see if I missed something because some important exchange had apparently occurred off-page, but we were only informed of it offhand.


The characters...well, they were fine, though I did question his intelligence at going out with her sister seeing as how he knew what she was like. And I questioned the h's intelligence at not talking to him. Beyond that, eh.