The Brands Who Came for Christmas (Oklahoma All-Girl Brands, #1) - Maggie Shayne

Huh. Well. That was actually entertaining. Of course, it was tongue in cheek in a way that didn't insult anyone's intelligence - i.e. I could see that happening.


So our H - son and grandson of senators - finds his father and grandfather planning his run for senate for him, and well, he was content to sort of sit in on this until...they started planning his upcoming nuptials to a handpicked wife they were discussing attributes she should bear. At this point, he bolted. Went AWOL Headed for the hills. Grabbed the gardener's truck, donned old clothes, and headed out. Got a flat in front of a saloon in the middle of bumblefart nowhere, goes in, gets slightly plastered, plans to head for the boarding house, gets sidetracked and errr... well, he does turn his cellphone on, discovers his dad is sick, and bolts, leaving behind a huge mess.


Our h, on the cusp of her 29th birthday, still single, and still shackled with her family's lack of respectability, gets herself a little plastered, offers to show the H where the boarding house is, but instead shows him the town parking spot, and well, loses her V card.


She discovers the next day that he's gone, and has no idea what his name really is. Finds out she's pg...


She finds out almost 9 months later who he is. He gets a picture in the mail illustrating her current condition.


Most of the book takes place in those few days between his finding out and her giving birth. She's exceedingly hormonal and suspicious. He's...floundering.


I almost would like to find the rest of the series but I've run into too many turkeys to really feel much enthusiasm looking for more series romance.