Wanted: Husband, Will Train - Marie Ferrarella

Well... I guess that didn't take too long - 10 days under a month. I really need to intersperse more tolerable books in between my harlequin/silhouette reading blitz. I try, every 7 or 8, to have a couple of new releases of favored series, but that's not working. Not when there are more interesting things to do...like vacuum carpet. ;)


So ok, daddy moneybags, because he'd married a waitress and it worked out, decided that his beloved only daughter needed to marry a "commoner" (for want of a better word) by her 30th birthday if she wanted to inherit. He died when she was 19, if my calculations are correct. She's turning 30 in a few weeks and no prospects on the horizon. Why not? Oh I dunno, maybe overhearing at least one prospect brag to his girlfriend that with her money, he'll be able to buy her(girlfriend) lots of presents has something to do with that.


Yeah. Nothing like the prospect of millions to draw out slime.


The H, having once married into money (and having only a sickly daughter to show for it) has...issues...with rich attractive young women. He accepts her proposition because his daughter needs surgery. And...he doesn't tell her about the child's illness, even though that's gonna be hard to hide seeing as how the surgery is scheduled a month after the wedding.


I'm torn really with the thought that at least it was short, but on the other hand, they go from sniping at each other to deciding to make it permanent in just a very short period of time, mostly off-page. I think I would have liked this if a) there wasn't that inheritance clause that led to the marriage in the first place (can't imagine too many men appreciating feeling bought) and b) the sickly child that made him accept.