The Highlander - Kerrigan Byrne

Finished in the wee hours last night, so it could have been this morning.


It moved fast. The H has issues from an abused childhood (and I imagine the next book or two in the series will also feature titled gents with horrible childhoods. Yawn...) The h was encouraged by her father to marry a newly arrived neighbor... I'm somewhat mystified on this part because usually a title had a moldering pile attached to it somewhere, so why would a titled family acquire a new house? In any case, this was a bad idea because the entire family appears to have been wastes of skin. At the beginning of the book, the h has been locked in an asylum due to her interfering with her in-laws' scheme of killing off the previous h for reasons I've forgotten (it's been several months, and I've slept since then). Said asylum seems to be run by the same sort of people the poor h had married into. She was rescued in the nick of time, and packed off to be governess for the H's kids.


Lots of stuff happens. I felt like some disclosures didn't really get dealt with - I can only assume they'll be addressed in the next book. And well, no matter how you look at it, the h was NOT free to form a relationship until two chapters from the end. It's hard not to think about her being married, particularly since SHE keeps reminding herself.


Also, I really wondered about the whole "barren" bit. Still no kids in the epilogue but it seems odd I guess. How would a Dr know? And considering her husband's proclivities, did he have scattered proof of his own fertility?