The Debutante - Elizabeth Bevarly

This book made me sad. You know that cliche, "poor little rich girl"? That's our h. Her father, ambitious career politician, has essentially molded his family to suit his needs, and the h - young, attractive, and poorly socialized in any way that truly matters, has blundered a few times, earning an undeserved reputation. The H, adrift in a family of overachievers, hasn't a v. good reputation either. Naturally, they get caught in a seemingly compromising position due to the misfortune of a hanging basket dumping its contents on him, and them both having a moment of poor judgement in cleaning it up. Naturally, it was the paparazzi that found them. 


Dear old dad goes ballistic, essentially browbeating her, and bribing him, into a fake engagement.


Over the course of this farce, they fall for each other, only for her to find out about the bribe when she goes to tell her dad they were going to get married for real. H, btw, had no intention of taking the money, and was disgusted at being offered. He went through with it because he liked her.


I dunno... a part of me - a rebellious part of me - thinks at some point dear old dad would have paid in other ways long before this began. I think it may have been the feeling the h had spent a lot of time in the care of nannies. She seemed entirely too concerned with her father's election for me. Too self sacrificing. I kept wondering how she ever got a reputation in the first place as she seemed to almost be the family doormat.