Shadowed Souls - Jim Butcher,  Kerrie L. Hughes

I finished it! Go me!


I purchased it for the Butcher. A thoroughly fascinating group of tales that read like stand alones for the most part, and most of the ones that have outside ties are fleshed out enough that you don't feel lost (a lot of times, series entries fail at that, possibly because the authors ASS-You-Me they're the reason you bought the book, or if not, that you'll be curious enough to find out more, rather than irritated at being dumped into the middle of a mess and no clue what's going on).


And...because there are quite a few short stories here, I'm not going to analyze them all. There are a few series I might be tempted to investigate further if I stumbled across the books, but I'm not sure I'd hunt them down, if only because I'm not a huge fan of UF.