Hexed - Ilona Andrews, Allyson James, Yasmine Galenorn, Jeanne C. Stein

3.5 stars. Truthfully, I hunted it down for one short story - the Kate Daniels. The rest was just filler to me. Granted, I *might* be tempted to investigate the storm walker series, but not until Mount TBR is greatly reduced. Oh, and I don't remember when I started it as I started reading it while listening to an online D&D game. I stopped reading it for a while because a) I got caught up with the game and b) Christmas beading season began.

So... First tale..

Dali. Dali is amusing. A vegetarian were-tiger. How her alter-ego isn't skeletal is beyond me. She's nearly blind, and likes to go fast. There was one time Kate told Jim his girlfriend shouldn't be allowed to drive - after she scared the crap out of her with her driving. Jim was more nonplussed that Kate noted where his interest ran I think, than her comment about the girl's driving skills. So this one we get the beginning of him finally screwing up his courage and deciding to pursue her, though being as alpha as he is, he disguises it as protecting her from herself. They manage to, among the real purposes of their mission, rescue a dragon (I'm guessing the one at a school Kate's adopted daughter later goes to), etc.


The second one by Yasmin Galenhorn was interesting but looked to be stand-alone. Could be wrong but...


Third...the Ghostwalker entry... interesting.


The last one...I did just finish it a couple of days ago. Also interesting. Not sure if part of a series because I'd never heard of the author before.