Taming the Beastly M.D. (Silhouette Desire) - Elizabeth Bevarly

Well, that wasn't painful at all. I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be sweet, cute, or what. I got that it was supposed to be a beauty and the beast story, sort of. What it was, was almost 200 pages of awkwardness and misunderstandings.

You see, our H, from an old Boston family (family came on the Mayflower, etc), while a child, was attacked by a lion, and he's had a crappy life as a result. He was thrown out of various schools for fighting, he's been made the butt of jokes... Ok, there are assholes out there, but most of the time, you make your own hell. So what - he caught someone staring and sucker-punched them?

So...he's attracted to the h, and he doesn't think her cheerful self would ever want anything to do with a beast like him (well, no, not when you do things like tell her to leave and call her a taxi after taking her V card, but that comes later), so he starts leaving her anonymous gifts, which scare her actually. She doesn't connect the dots, because she has little reason to. Her sister corners him into escorting her to a family function, where afterward, they almost do the deed in the back of the limo, but manage to regain at least a little awareness so go to his place. After they do the deed, he asks her why, and takes offense at her answer (because he overthought it apparently - she just hadn't gotten around to dating anyone), and does the whole "get out" thing.

Strangely enough, while she's upset at this, she doesn't seem to have any issue going about her business - no hiding in her apartment and having a meltdown, nothing. She tries to avoid him, sure, but starts pondering that she's in luv with him. He does corner her and apologize, but then says he thinks they should keep their relationship strictly professional...did I mention she's a cardiology nurse and he's a heart surgeon?

2 weeks later, a blizzard comes through and she spends the weekend with him. Monday, he sends her a note telling her to meet him at a certain restaurant and they needed to talk. They meet, her sporting an LBD that was more L than D (because people regularly do that 2 days after a blizzard), and he a) admits he's her stalker and b) proposes...

Of course, that weekend could have had a lot of talking involved, but I wasn't given that impression. Seems like what they really needed was time getting to know each other. They actually did go out on a date - something conspicuously absent in a lot of contemporary romances - but what did they talk about? I don't want details, mind you, but even a discussion of the weather beats the awkward silence, or miscommunication.

This is part of a publisher series, meaning that more than one author contributes. I don't know that I'd hunt any of the others down, because I really don't care enough to bother, and I likely only got this one because I'd read the author. Also probably found it in one of those bargain piles.