Bad Wolf -  Jennifer Ashley

The editing wasn't too bad on this one. Of course, there was an Incident that has no explanation, namely, how did Remy (Bree's brother) get tossed into Fairie? He was in a helicopter in Afghanistan, it got shot down, and he got blown into another dimension?! How does that even work?


So a random hacker chick has gotten suckered into trying to open a portal. She hires someone to kidnap a Guardian, only they grab the wrong guy. He gets away. The h- his girlfriend though currently they're just pals...or something like that... picks him up and takes him back to the shifter town. Much discussion later, she convinces him to go home with her whereupon they finally act on their attraction. Then the hacker chick breaks in to do her in, only to be captured by him.


They eventually figure out how to hack a portal (!? How does that even work?!), H/h get tossed into Fairie, find previous h's supposedly dead brother, manage to get back, get chick to get them the guardian's sword she'd previously liberated from its owner, go send dead owner's soul on so he couldn't be used/abused by Fae jerk they'd run in to, etc...


The h was introduced briefly in an earlier book as someone accusing the shifters of kidnapping her sister, and by introduced, she was discussed briefly at the end of a book, the title of which has escaped my mind. It might have been another of these self-published tales, like maybe the author had intended to have the self-published storyline separate. She didn't keep it that way though, which annoys me to no end.


The H... I don't even recall him. I remember him from the most recent mmp but where he came from... I don't remember him in any of the earlier books. I guess he was there.