Fortune's Bride - Donna Clayton

A clean romance of sorts. I found myself enjoying things like oh, planting flower bulbs and cleaning cat fountains more than this book.


Let's see.


The set-up... The h quit her day job to stay home and care for her baby. Then her husband was diagnosed with cancer. So she's a widow, and apparently supporting herself and her now 6 year old with an in-home day care. And...I'm unclear about this but did they live on the beach? Whatever...


The 6 year old is one of those wise beyond his years types and spots a little girl who appears to be lost. Some guy grabs the child. He insists that it's not the kid's dad and that mommy needs to do something. Heroine confronts would-be kidnapper and somehow this works. Child's grandfather is v. grateful to the tune of $25K. Then goes home and lies through his teeth to kid's father, who races to h's home and demands funds back. There was a lot of daydreaming about "hopes and dreams" before and hinting that he'd crushed them at the end of the chapter. Ummm...$25k isn't going to go far, even in the time period this book is set.


Anyway, grandpa had the last laugh - he wrote her into the will, if you could call it that. Seems like it was just a letter telling her she has 2% of the company to now set up an employee day care - or she can sell it back and go elsewhere.


So she tells H he isn't spending enough time with his daughter, inadvertently hires the kid's mother, and there's a whole lot of drama involved there. Somehow we're supposed to believe that this rich CEO who's hot naturally, can't get a date or girl, so fell for some scheme where a woman pushed her nubile young daughter into the path of his car and well, the daughter got knocked up because he believed she was protected (but apparently wasn't too concerned about catching anything. Idiot), and well, the young woman is the Whore of Babylon as far as he's concerned. And of course, the h pushes him to accept his daughter's mother seeing her, etc. etc.


Lot of young women have given up babies over the ages, and I'm sure they regretted it. Am also sure that they moved on as best they could rather than scheming to get back into the child's life.


And well, it takes two (and only an idiot concerns themselves only with pregnancy).


So... a h who put up with an awful lot of BS considering that she had no problems confronting him about things. A H who acted more like a petulant toddler (he threw a tantrum in the daycare, scared the kids, etc.), a kid impossibly wise, another kid who suddenly developed a concept of mommy even though she'd never had one, and the mommy - who told her who she was (not smart either).