Fire Bound (A Sea Haven Novel) - Christine Feehan

Done in by sex. Who'd have thought.


Series/author observations:

1. If the next book doesn't include a scene of Victor crawling on broken glass, the book is liable to hit the wall.


2. Please tell me the whole human trafficking story arc will be finished with that book


3. Just 'cause you want to write a spinoff of your spinoff - of 17 psychotic psychic Russian bikers (seriously?) - does not mean I want to read it. I'm not sure there are that many single females left in Sea Haven, including the local crazy cat lady who most certainly exists.


4. someone needs to study human anatomy. Either the heroes all have tiny penises, or the heroines' hymens are running and hiding to get away.


Book - why it was done in by sex. The first sex scene was laughably cringeworthy. Insertion of tab A into slot B took over a page, meanwhile the h was having some sort of fit. I halfway expected her head to spin completely around, her to start levitating, and projectile vomiting. Then, after all this, the hymen was finally cornered and killed, the H "lost control" which seems to mean half an hour of pounding at the poor recently deflowered h with the enthusiasm and vigor of a rock crusher. I crossed my legs for her in sympathy.


It got worse. A later sex scene featured not the H/h, but her uncle, his body guard, and a new widow they essentially raped hours after her husband was murdered by the H/h. Yeah; it's that kinda book.


Then there was the sex on horseback. I hate to tell the author this, but if someone is afraid of horses, getting them all turned on is not going to make them forget they're on a freaking big animal that can go left brained and head for home with no warning (or rip out their throat, kick their head in, etc.). Also, yelling and shrieking on the back of a horse is a really stewpid thing to do.(see go left brained and head for home).


Oddity - how is it that nobody apparently was aware that she was a fire element? Seriously? I doubt her uncle would have been as complacent as he was if he knew. Further, how is it she never actually used her power *here*? She sure did in Sea Haven. Whatever, it was a nice change from the "lets all get together and cause magic and mayhem" climaxes the other books have had. So was the H working with her rather than the usual smothering her. Then again, she was a trained assassin so that would have been a bad idea.


As an aside, the Drake sisters' home is heavily warded. How is it that the Prakenskiis seem to have been completely caught with their pants down. One would think the father, having all the powers, would have had the place so protected, a flea couldn't get close without him knowing it. Yet, obviously he didn't, and his family suffered for it.