Guardian's Mate -  Jennifer Ashley

It had it's moments. Truthfully, if the characters weren't so entertaining, it wouldn't have rated as high. We seem to be on yet another story arc featuring someone(fae of course) trying to control the shifters - while letting humans think they were I suspect. I hate story arcs under the best of circumstances and when it seems to be the same story arc only with some new feature reappearing, well, I get grumpy. Fortunately, while this one has been building, it's not been taking over the story - yet. I'm sure it will at some point, and a book will get thrown because there's more background noise than couple time.


Zander fears losing himself yet I don't think he's the risk he thinks he is. I don't remember the book he first appeared (with my luck, it was probably one of those cursed novellas).

Rae is the first female Guardian - ever - and the shifter community is having great difficulty grasping that. They think it's a trick. That she's just a few years past transition doesn't help.


So her adopted father delivers her to him for training. Why him, I dunno as there are a few Guardians who would have assisted. Then again, maybe someone (Tiger?) thought he was perfect and suggested him. In any case, the various happenings and the close confinement of the boat put them in a position they couldn't quite escape the inevitable, or even pretend to hide from it. And, like with Sean's book, it seems that a healer needs a Guardian as mate.